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We are an advanced app development agency that caters to your business needs and helps you grow exponentially.

In the present marketing scenario, businesses are using every possible strategy that can help them be on the top rank of the cut-throat competition.

Having a mobile app can help significantly to retain existing customers while simultaneously acquiring new leads.

Mobile app development has become a fundamental and standard requirement for a successful business. They prioritise both customers and business owner’s requirements, by providing them with an effective marketing technique.

This has made necessary the need for mobile app development services. A mobile app can make purchasing things easier and convenient for a customer, with secure payment portals and user-friendly functions.

Thus, it guarantees a customer-friendly experience and makes an added advantage to business owners with a cheaper option of marketing and advertising their brand.


Cosmolance is the top-rated mobile app development company to provide quality mobile app services across the globe.

We at Cosmolance, pay minute attention to your business needs and plan strategies accordingly. We are good at blending creativity with mastery.

Our services include iOS app development, web development, UI/UX consulting, and more. The world is moving fast forward. 70 % of users find it convenient to get information through a mobile app. It’s a great platform for businesses to sell their services to a massive targeted audience.

We know the right blend of features that can make iOS apps shine in the AppStore. With a rich pool of back end front end techniques, we leverage our long experience in mobile app development to give a smart edge to your app.

Cosmolance aims for impressive mobile app development services to build innovative apps for a user-friendly interface. Focusing on quality work, each of the team members is ready to put their extra effort, quick product-to-market delivery so that users did not have to look for anything else.

Whether it is a startup or a large organization, our strategy is to understand your business needs and deliver a product that maximises user engagement.

With an experience of more than 14 years, we have dealt with clients around the world and have fulfilled over 600 projects spreading across multiple industries and business domains like healthcare, eCommerce, finance, entertainment, education, media, travel and automotive and more.


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UI/UX Interface
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A well designed UX is critical as it defines the user’s attitudes and behaviours. Effective UX design development is imperative for engaging end-users and triggering emotional as well as transactional response.

The primary motive of a mobile application is to fulfil the key objectives for, reputation, brand building, revenue generation and traffic.

To achieve commercial goals, user experience design requires detailed qualitative feedback for stimulating emotional response.

Screen sizes and resolutions vary according to the device one is using. Hence, it is essential to ensure that your mobile app is consistent across a variety of devices and platforms.

Also, the user interface along with relatable graphics have to be scalable. Our app developers can guide you for both Android and iPhone mobile apps. We can help you develop awesome mobile applications that are screen independent.

Several apps designed for touch screen devices include menus, selectors and content at the top of the screen. Apart from this, you also need to consider about gesture advantages, zoom pinching, refresh pulling-down, swiping backwards and forwards etc.

Therefore it’s important to keep your end-users in mind before actually, you start your app creation journey.

While developing mobile applications it’s essential to have an estimate of the exact time (ET) and the cost of the application being developed.

This is one of the important features to be considered. To have an exact time estimation, you need to research competitors and the strategy they follow.

In order to have maximum return on investment, it’s important to launch an application at the right time. You must ensure that your mobile development work should be outsourced to the right people.

Appearance is the key by using which you can tempt your customers to your business. The final outcome has to be comfortable and easy to the user’s eyes.

The graphics of your mobile app have the tendency to determine its success and failure, so it will be a big mistake to ignore this important aspect. It’s necessary that the app automatically adjusts to all the screen sizes without any issues and looks prominent and technically sound.

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