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BTL Advertising

BTL Advertising

Below the line advertising is a specific and focused mode of marketing your product. It could be something as specific as a product demo to potential customers or a congratulatory email to customers recognizing their importance to the company. The inherent advantages of BTL activities are easy to guess; low cost and ease of scalability. And its targeted, specific nature makes it a useful addition to your marketing armory.

BTL marketing is great for companies in the early stages of their life cycles and looking to get the maximum bang for their buck. The mushrooming of new businesses across the globe have made BTL advertising an important cog in the organizational wheel. At Cosmolance, we recognize this trend and help you create BTL marketing ideas and master BTL promotions to nose ahead of the blinding competition!

Types of BTL Advertising:

  • Outdoor advertisements: Billboards, fliers, Placecards, banners
  • Direct Marketing: SMS, emails, pamphlets, handbills, stickers, social media posts
  • Sponsorship: Events, competition, Stage shows.
  • Public Relations: Press conferences, Webinar, viral marketing
  • In-store promotion: Visual merchandising, product demos, sampling, sales promotion

Below The Line Advertising for Business Growth

Wide Reach

ATL activities assures the widest reach to the audience and ease of scaling up or down makes it a favourable bet for even matured companies.


Targeted and specific

Email marketing, a BTL strategy, is known to result in the maximum sales among all other modes of online marketing. It is a crucial component of CRM as well, therefore, assuming importance as a BTL activity.

Great combination of ATL and BTL

The effective combination with ATL (Above the line advertising) or mass-marketing can help a company trim its operating costs while also helping to reach out better to consumers. The engagement and campaign effectiveness makes Cosmolance truly vouch for BTL marketing and advertising.

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