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Display Marketing

Display Advertising Services

Not every consumer likes to read every time on the Internet when buying services or products. This is where display advertising comes into play as it does the trick if properly structured. Display advertising is the most inducing part of digital marketing as it shows consumers exactly what they are looking for on the Internet. The professionals of Cosmolance Tech have a wealth of experience and help you in displaying ads, including texts, videos, images, animations to your audience to convert most views into sales.

We include all kinds of presentations in our campaigns, such as banners, rich media, and video ads, to name a few. In addition, focusing on placements where we subscribe to huge traffic blogs and retargeting ads is also a part of our job. Delivering effective display advertising to promote brand and skyrocket your sales is always our main objective.

Our Expertise in Display Advertising Services

Social Media Ads

Social media is the most used platforms nowadays. When precise targeting is done such as selecting your own customers, these social media ads end up generating more sales. Our professionals are talented at developing ads for Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram.

Rich Media Ads

Having the potential to engage more visitors, rich media ads are known as the best interactive ads. We include flashes, videos, call to action in these ads to hook the attention of visitors.

Banner Ads

Creating attractive banner ads entices the visitors to click on ads, which results into sale or a lead. Our professionals are skilful at designing ads that increase your return on investment (ROI), delivering you huge profits.

Mind Magnification...

Mind Magnification

Diving into the neuro-maps of the consumers helps us choose the content that resonates with them.


The experts at Cosmolance Tech remodel strategies to enhance the CTRs and response rates of the campaign at each crossroad.

A/B Testing

Creating ads that do not give us a proper result is simply wastage of time and a loss. To create result oriented ads, we carry out experiments and accomplish our goal by A/B testing, which offers desirable results in applying the methodology of advertising.

Online Reach

We work to maximize your online reach and offer you optimal result for the display ad campaign. As we use impressive and catchy lines, you get more clicks for your ad.

Target Audience

To capture your target audience, we carry out a keyword research to determine highly searched keyword in your area. In addition, we look for keyword demographics to find out what group of audience uses terms pertaining to your business industry.

Reporting Analytics and Adjustments

While carrying out your display advertisement campaign, our professionals monitor the metrics and analytics of your ads to give you detail that your investment in this marketing is paying off. Constantly monitoring keywords and demographics to modify your display advertisement enables to target your audience at all times.

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