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Google Ads Remarketing

Your effort is in vain if the advertisement for your business goes unseen. Remarketing is a sure-fire method that exposes the ads to visitors who have already visited your website earlier. This technique persuades people in a shuttle manner by reminding them with relevant ads. The “reminder” ads are displayed based on user’s search patterns and earlier interactions with your website. Users click your remarketing ads only when they need to interact with your site, they unnecessarily don’t hit your ad, which otherwise ends up shooting up our marketing budget like other digital ad services. A well optimized remarketing campaign is, therefore, extremely beneficial for your business.

Why Remarketing ads are Effective?

Raise Brand Awareness

Our targeted remarketing strategy based on user’s behaviour boost up leads and sales. The remarketing ads are displayed to the users who are interested in the similar products like you during their decision making process.

Personalised Retargeting

A personalised retargeting enables to display an ad to visitors based on the specific product or services they visited on your website. Or may be a specific page they visited or carried out an action. Possessing dynamic attribute, the content of the ad also includes image or text based on user’s previous browsing experience

Convert Lost Visitor

Cosmolance Tech organizes well optimized campaigns for search and display marketing recapturing visitors who didn’t convert the first time. Our every step in this campaign yields better results.

How Our Google Remarketing Ads Works?

Extend Reach

Optimize spends by targeting users based on keywords, categories and interests, we extend reach by remarketing across Facebook, Google and several other networks.

Mobile Remarketing

Our mobile retargeting aims at extending your remarketing campaign to mobile devices. Site and Facebook retargeting are also expanded to mobile devices.


Remarketing is cost-efficient as you don’t need to pay a bomb of money for a remarketing click. Generally, people click on the remarketing ad in the second website visit, which is considered to be more worthful than first time visitor. The reason being a user visited a website twice and is about to make a purchase decision. In any case, remarketing clicks are value for money.

Efficient Professionals

Our advertising professionals work closely with you to analyze the conversion oppertunities of site and make strategies accordingly to attract more audience.

Facebook Retargeting

Like Google Remarketing Campaign also Facebook offers Facebook Retargeting Ads. In which we target Facebook users with a relevant advert depending on website they browse or products they are looking for on the Internet.

Top-Notch Results

Capture your audience in real time with attractive ad. We display the targeted ad to a defined audience who has already visited your website.

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