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Shopify is recognised as one of the leading eCommerce development systems that enable cost-efficient and fast development of high-quality eCommerce platforms.

Whether you are planning to start your own eCommerce store or want to reallocate your existing eCommerce website to an improved platform, Shopify stands out to be an exemplary solution for you.

Shopify is a well-identified result-oriented eCommerce platform that facilitates you set up your online store in a hassle-free manner.

Shopify website development services are a perfect solution to sell your products online by setting up your web store using the customizable features of Shopify.

Over 20,000 online stores have leveraged the benefit of this eCommerce application for providing a holistic eCommerce solution to run their online ventures successfully.

Top Shopify Web Development Company Offering Customized Solutions

Shopify includes all the essential features than an e-commerce store requires. It serves as an excellent e-commerce platform for a profitable business online.

Some of the important features of the Shopify development services include customizable template, professional look, streamlined CMS interface with interactive real-time statistics, intuitive administration and much more.

At Cosmolance, we follow Shopify standards and develop them according to your business needs. We ensure that the theme developed is apt for your business and works on all most all the major browsers and mobile devices.

We offer customised solutions on the already installed theme without capitalizing what is there in this platform. We assist you to set up the SEO altering the standard of the original theme. You can also be assured of appropriate security tests while developing API apps.

Shopify is embedded with quality SEO features and we extend our support strategy to facilitate and optimize your ROI.

Our strategy remains the same for a startup or a large scale organisation. We work to understand how visitors will interact with the product and to maximize user engagement and satisfaction.

At, Cosmolance, we have 5 years of experience offering customized web development services for clients globally. Have testimonials to 600 projects across multiple business and industries like healthcare, education, eCommerce, finance, media and more.


An Effective solutions for all your eCommerce Needs
Site Responsive
Consistent Design
Great Content
Site Structure
Clear CTA

Mobile traffic accounts for 60% of eCommerce traffic. Shoppers prefer the mobility and availability that smartphones and tablets provide. Responsive designs are a must to cater to any screen size.

Even with the smaller screen size your experience and usability should be top-notch for all the aspects such as CTA, images, content, along with the checkout process

It is better to choose a theme and stick to it throughout the entire site. Your navigation, design, and content should mix all well together to bring the right user experience.

Choose a theme that evokes your brand message. The theme and colour coding can set the visitor’s mood. Example, pure, vibrant, youthful and cheerful designs are great for brands looking to make a bold statement.

Content can either make or break your business. A little site with irrelevant content is not sufficient to leave a mark. With fierce competition, site owners need to create authoritative content for building trust with potential future customers.

An important aspect of site structure is site navigation. The site navigation needs to remain hassle free for visitors to navigate from one web page to another.

A clear cut non-pushy call-to-action is a must to tempt your visitors. Options like add to cart, buy now, and get it now tells the user exactly how to get what they want.

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