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Social Media Marketing

Touch Heart of your Users with Professional Social Media Marketing Services

If you are contended by creating a weekly random post on your social media account and still wondering why aren’t you getting the desired response, then think a little harder. Social media marketing is a continuous journey where you have to connect emotionally with your audiences and drive them to take action. You can’t do that without properly structured social media marketing campaigns and do get proficient social media marketing services trust – Cosmolance Tech.

Customized strategies are used by our professional marketers to create a successful and result-driven social media marketing campaigns. SMO services are tackled very professionally by our marketing experts. Our experts analysis all of your business requirements, understand your audiences and then use social media data analytical tools to build your brand. We understand that social media marketing services should be progressive, engaging and consumer-driven so we just try to deliver what our clients want with utmost perfection.

Your social media marketing is a regular process and only an expert can constantly maintain your online presence.

Our Humble Social Media Marketing Services Package

Our social media marketing is structured around four simple principles of marketing – Track > Analysis > Modify > Retry. We just track your audiences, analyze their behavior, modify our marketing campaign and repeatedly market your business.

Keep an Eagle Eye on Competitors

  • Run a deep market analysis for your business domain
  • Finding your big competitors and why they are performing better than you
  • Analyze the performance of every single piece of content

Eye Catchy Social Media Campaigns

  • Tweak with the content that has been highly appreciated by your audience
  • Regular and scheduled posting on social media
  • Keep a tab on engagement and interaction rate

Maintaining Rock Hard Social Reputation

  • Regulating online reviews
  • Following social media customer feedback
  • Adjusting social engagement figures
  • Monitoring brand awareness and talk across multiple social circles

Astonishing Customised Paid Campaigns

  • Find a relevant audience to promote your company and build a brand
  • Mastery in creating engaging and creative paid social media ads
  • Perform accurate split tested ads
  • Keep on modifying ads with the change in the market situations

Follows Social Campaigns like a Shadow

  • Work on tracking and optimizing your viewers
  • Following the trail of the engagement curve
  • Monitor swirling click-through rate and leads
  • Ensure to maintain ROI of paid campaigns

Pinch of Website Integration

  • Using the right widgets on the website
  • Adding social feed option
  • Inserting instant social media buttons

Our Progressive Services

Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook Marketing Services is a must for the user who wants to target 2 billion global audiences. Facebook is a powerful way to reach your core user, but you just require the right roadmap to reach the masses.

Twitter Marketing Services

Our Twitter marketing services are highly structured and creative because we aim to increase the number of retweets, favorites, replies, website clicks, and app installation rates through our marketing.

Instagram Marketing Services

Instagram is the most visually appealing and hashtag structured social media platform where you can share engaging photos to get searched by new users daily. Our Instagram marketing services are just perfect to boost your performance.

Miscellaneous Marketing Services

From launching a dynamic YouTube campaign, creating highly professionally LinkedIn posts to imprinting your business on Pinterest – we can offer a variety of SMO services that can take your business to the new heights of excellence

Additional Social Media Services from Our End

Curative Analysis & Reporting

Before diving into the pool of social media marketing, backup yourself with insightful social media analytics prevailing in your industry and understand demographics of engagement through a detailed report.


The more your users are talking about your brand – the more popular you become. But, catch here is to be talked positively and for that our regular online monitoring is a trusted weapon.

Reputation Management

A negative review or feedback is a hindrance in front of your success, thus it is essential to address negative feedback quickly with the various tools of online reputation marketing strategies.

SMM & SEO – Directly Proportionate to One Another

It has proven and tested by search engine gurus that your Facebook likes and shares directly influence your search engine ranking. The modern SEO equation narrates that – getting more likes and shares won’t directly reflect on your website performance results  – but it means your marketing strategy has been a success.

Why Cosmolance Tech Over Others?

Cosmolance Tech isn’t your regular digital marketing company – we are your digital buddy who will guide you and assist you at every step. We market your business like our own  – we thoroughly understand your business goals, objectives, competitors, domain and market before formulating a customized marketing solution.

Contact Us & Rule the Social Media World Today!

If you are ready to take your business to the top, then contact our SMO experts today and shine like a star on the social media platforms.

How We Are Unique and Special?

We aim to become the best data-driven online marketing company that focuses on the needs of their customers only. Our agile management structure thrives us to perform better and strives for our strengths.

  • Our pride lays in the hands of our dedicated project managers
  • Detailed monthly reports stream our success story
  • Our team is a group of highly experienced professionals
  • The utilization of the best analytical tools and software

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