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Nowadays, outsourcing of web development services is on the rise because of the reasons that businesses are turning digital. Customers want to get their services online within a click.

Therefore, businesses need to bank upon this fact and start to explore web development services. A website is like a shop where your products are displayed. It is important to have a well-structured website to cater to the needs of your customers.

Quality web development services have various advantages for businesses. The website is the most effective way of e-marketing. Furthermore, it is an intelligent way to provide services through a website to attract more customers towards the business.

As a result, several web development companies offer the best web development services throughout the world. Cosmolance, being the best web development company care to offer quality web development services to drive potential traffic to your website.

A good quality website may be the first line of communication

A good quality website may be the first line of communication between you and your potential visitors. The significant advantage of a website development company is that your website will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be viewed from anywhere in the world.

Because of this, visitors can collect suitable information from the website at any time. In today’s competitive business world, to beat the competition of large or small companies, it is imperative to develop a good website.

Website development services can help your company to increase product knowledge, maintain business communication between you and the potential prospects, sell your products, generate leads for the business, and increase the popularity of your company and much more.

Cosmolance is a premier website development company in Noida that works specifically on developing business-oriented websites. Our services include modern, premier, and advanced technologies to build web projects.

We tend to focus on process-driven development with quick product-to-market delivery to ensure clients satisfaction with all the requirements. Be it an enterprise, startup, or large scale companies, our strategy is to understand the requirements of our users.

We believe in analysing how users will interact with your website and work on it to maximize client engagement and satisfaction. With over 5 years of experience in the field of custom web development for clients around the world.

We have the satisfying record of completing over 600 projects spanning multiple industries and business domains including healthcare, education, eCommerce, finance, media, entertainment, travel, and automotive and more.

SEO Backed Web Design & Development

• Custom Web Development
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
• Cloud Solutions
• Third-Party Integrations (CRM and more)
• Workflow Management
• Enterprise Web Development
• E-Commerce, B2B & B2C
• Any custom business application


Core PHP

Core PHP is the basic PHP programming language used to create dynamic web pages. It works without the existence of any extra library, of which a PHP framework cannot work without.

Therefore it is important to learn core principle PHP programming to create dynamic web applications. Core PHP uses the purest form of a PHP script, so a developer needs to know the language thoroughly to write a clear and concise code using core PHP.

Our services can fulfil this need of yours and can write flawless code using its core form.

WordPress started as a blogging tool but with time it has evolved over the years into a powerfulful open source website builder with a robust content management system (CMS).

The best part about WordPress is that it is super easy to use and flexible enough to make different format of websites. That’s the main reason why WordPress has evolved so much in popularity.

According to a recent survey, WordPress powers 32.4% of all the websites on the internet. Due to its robust technical features, many of the top brands in the world uses WordPress to power their websites including Facebook, The New Yorker, Time Magazine, Sony, Disney, The New York Times, and more.

Shopify is a great space for the stores that sell goods or services with minimal amount of configuration. You can sell a single product or a handful of products by just implementing an advanced Shopify homepage section keeping in mind your business requirements. This in the long run can increase your ROI and boost your business revenue.

Our web design services are equipped enough to create high end e-commerce site mentioned above. Once a proper briefing is done, we can assist you with the robust regime of e-commerce for a profitable business.

Yii is known as an open source, component based MVC PHP web application framework. It is pronounced as YEE which in Chinese means simple and revolutionary.

Yii2 inherits the same spirit of Yii being simple, less complicated, fast, and highly extensible PHP framework. It is a generic web programming framework which is suitable for developing large scale applications like content management systems, e-commerce projects, forums, portals, etc.

Yii2 is capable of active record supporting relations, assets and script management, error handling, multi-tier caching support etc.

Laravel is a web application framework that comes with elegant and expressive syntax. It is an open source free PHP framework intended for the development of website applications.

It follows the model-view -controller architectural pattern. It is commonly used to take up the pain out of the development process by easing out common tasks used in majority of web projects like routing, sessions, caching, authentication, etc.

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